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In my dinandery workshop, I produce historic pieces of medium size.

Here you will find pieces of apparatus that could have appeared on tables of high nobility in Europe such as: table nave, sink turret, table fountain, etc.

For each project, I draw inspiration from the iconographies and inventories found, depending on the time of the piece to be reproduced.

The Workshop

For each project, I carry out a search for iconographic sources and exchanges with the future owner of the piece, in order to define its design and ensure historical credibility.

Working mainly on brass and copper, I do a lot of the different production steps manually.

Who i am ?

My name is Guillaume Ronceret, I am passionate about History and I have been practicing historical reconstruction for several years.

In 2007, I planned to reconstitute the "Hôtel du Duc d'Orléans" in the early 15th century, starting with the Duke’s wardrobe (different houppelandes, pourpoints, jaques, chausses, etc), the livery of the people of the service, the furniture, etc.

In order to reproduce at the nearest table of the Duke of Orléans, I also look for pieces of crockery. The naves are very present in the iconography of the time but are not reproduced on the reconstitution sites, using techniques of dinandery.

Having a professional know-how around the boiler factory, I decided to reproduce a first nave of table in 2010, studying the inventories and iconographies that deal with the beginning of the 15th century. Then in 2012 I realized a sink turret, in the continuity of this project.

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